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Title: Party
Author: youngwriter
Word count: 1338
Chapters: 1
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Summary: Bennet meets up with Walt at a party, and Walt has drank a bit too much.

Hey :) Do you know how old Bennet is? i haven't seen the show but love this ship and now i'm wondering.

I posted my theories about his age here :)

Walt & Bennet + hugs

i heard there was going to be no season 3. what do you think about that because i felt so sad, the carrie diaries was one of my favorite series

So far there aren’t any actual news if there will or won’t be a third season. However some say they chances aren’t so good, since Katie Findlay was cast in a Pilot of a new show (read about it here). But there’s still hope since (as you can also read in the linked article) no decision will be made until May so until then we don’t know anything for sure. 

It was a shock to them both, but they were a surprisingly nice match.